Beautiful Life.

A journal about everyday life, and the beauty that we tend to neglect. Or just a really silly collection of writings.

Cleaning up.

I have decided to stay home today to rid clutter off my room and off my head. It is way overdue anyway so I’m glad that I’m putting it to action now. A brand new start is on its way! 

Looking back at my old items made me realize how fitting a part of the description of my Enneagram Type was. I do hold on to many things that would trigger strong emotions for myself. Though I don’t see that as a bad thing but it is not doing any good for me either because I realize that it was part of what’s holding me back and I ought to prep myself for the new.

I treasure these memories too, but the contents would trigger extreme emotions in myself, I believe, I’ve decided to keep a part of them instead without allowing myself to remember their full contents. It is for the better. That way, I hold on to what’s dear to me, but have allowed myself to be free from the dangers of slipping back to where I was (should I decide to read everything again).

I dropped these remnants of the past into the pail of water. You often see people on tv burning off unwanted memories, photos or letters but to me anything that involves fire is itself, agressive. I’d rather just let them fade away, it feels more serene and quiet that way.


Today’s shower was a little different from yesterday’s. I took a good look at the IKEA stool and started to examine at the rubber stumps that were on it. And then I decided that I should perhaps use that as a countdown meter for me to achieve something. I have not yet decided what that achievement would be and it does not matter whether it is big or small as long as I’ll accomplish something! (Perhaps being able to speak some French by then!)

Since the stumps were not exactly sparkling clean, I scratched the first with my finger and here we go, it is not exactly visible but if you look closely it shows.


& I loving my family as always. :)